Missions & Ministries We Support

Living Word Fellowship is a sending church.  We not only send our own missionaries across the country and the world, we also support many ministries financially, through prayer, and sometimes through partnership.  These are just a few of the ministries connected to our church.


Brimson, MN

Our church partners with Tentmakers for leadership training.  We have received several of their Year-On-Mission teams and sent church members to their Daniel Leadership Institute in the past, and Pastor Owen Cooper continues to work alongside Tentmakers and their ministry endeavors.


Church Planting & Leadership Development

We provide training for leaders to look beyond themselves and reach out to non-Christians and Christians. We mentor current and future leaders. We partner with other ministries (Tentmakers, Antioch School, Greenhouse Movement, Christian Educators, Epworth League) to maximize Kingdom impact. We create and provide resources that help Christ-followers be intentional about how they live their lives. 

Bethel House

Bethel House is an ecumenical project helping families facing homelessness in Whitewater.  They provides transitional housing and case management to families in need.