A Family Community

At Living Word Fellowship, we live out God's design for His church as a family.  It is a place where everybody knows your name, where we eat, pray, worship, and "do life" together.  Though we are all individuals, we are bonded by the Holy Spirit within every believer, and we'd like to invite you to become part of our family.  If you know Christ as your personal Lord and savior, you are already part of the Body of Christ, so come join us as part of this local family of believers!  And if not, we'd love to share with you the gospel (good news) about Jesus Christ, and help teach you how to be a disciple of His in your life here in or around Whitewater.  So if you're looking for a family atmosphere to worship, come join us for Sunday services, Bible studies, or just gathering to enjoy common interests.  You won't leave any of them with an empty stomach!

Bible Studies

Me meet for corporate and home Bible studies to both learn more about God's Word and Disciple one another.  We would love to have you join us at any of them!

Common Interests

Sometimes we simply gather in enjoyment of company and common hobbies, whether tea parties, craft days, shooting days, or simply canoeing.  Come along, or help us start something new!

Potlucks & Gatherings

We gather over food for many events, so whether at our monthly post-service potluck or on a Wednesday night, you are welcome to our table to break bread and fellowship.

Get Involved

We are a small but dedicated local body of believers, but we always need and want your involvement in our ministries.  See where you can plug in to Living Word Fellowship!