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October Teen Retreat!


Knowing where you're going in life is hard enough, and the world throws plenty of confusion your way, from your value to your origin to even your gender.  Without a fixed point to orient your life, how will you ever navigate the way forward?  Join us for a retreat for teens about orienting your life around something outside of yourself as we explore the Old Testament Cultural Mandate for men, women, family, and community.  Sessions will cover God's revealed will for marriage, gender, parenthood, land, and labor (as well as other related topics) from a traditional, Scriptural perspective about living life as God first designed it to be lived.


Retreat begins at Living Word Fellowship.  Boys and girls can stay the night at our two men's and women's Mission Houses (church-adjacent). Retreat includes meals, sessions, games, small group and reflection time.  Retreat ends at Living Word Fellowship for Sunday service.  Cost is $48 per person, ($38) for each added member.

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